How to fix subtitle delay in vlc mac


  1. VLC Subtitle Delay Fixed - Easy Steps to Adjust/Sync Video Subtitles in VLC
  2. Adjust, delay, speedup Subtitle Speed in VLC Media Player
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I wish there was a similar facility for solving issues when the subtitles have a different FPS. You can start it from command line with the option --sub-fps and the new fps , or change it in the options windows.

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Give it a look to another answer and to the full help of vlc. This is better than the accepted answer. This one is better and so much easier to perform. So to shift the subtitle of 3 second you can run vlc with the following command line vlc --sub-delay 30 myfile. With VLC 3. Hastur Hastur Amanda Blake Amanda Blake 19 1. Atul Soman Atul Soman 1.

VLC Subtitle Delay Fixed - Easy Steps to Adjust/Sync Video Subtitles in VLC

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Related Hot Network Questions. In addition to this, many people use subtitles to be familiar with an unknown language. Sometime, users can face problems like delay. This means that, you cannot find the exact subtitle at the exact time. It can be delayed or appear earlier up. It happens when the media player fails to synchronize the subtitle correctly.

Adjust, delay, speedup Subtitle Speed in VLC Media Player

Also, this problem occurs when the subtitle is written in a bad manner. It is possible to convert.

Adjust subtitle speed in VLC Media Player

If anybody makes a wrong change with this file, you can face problems with the subtitle. If you are facing similar issues, you can check out this guide. Here you can adjust the subtitle speed in VLC and get solution to rectify the subtitle synchronization. First one will be done using keyboard shortcut and the second one will be done manually. If you use keyboard shortcut, you can either delay or speed up the subtitle by 50ms. This is fixed and not possible to change. However, if you use manual method, you can do the same by 1ms.

If you think that you need to speed up the subtitle, just press G.

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When everything is OK, click "Play Movie" to save and sync the subtitles. VideoSolo Blu-ray Player is available on both the free trial version and paid full version. The trial version has a few limitations with the trial version, which include:. If you like VideoSolo Blu-ray Player, you can purchase the full version which has a number of benefits over the trial version. Some of the major benefits of paid version include:.

You can go to the Store or directly click the "Purchase" button to buy the full version of the product.

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  • The registration code will be sent to you within a few minutes. Then, enter the email address and registration code you received to register the program. In this post, we mainly talk about VLC subtitle delay issue. We show you two simple ways to adjust subtitle in VLC player. Moreover, we tell you how to solve VLC subtitle delay issue permanently by importing external subtitle with powerful VideoSolo Blu-ray Player.

    Hope you can better enjoy your movies after reading this article. VLC Subtitle Delay. Valle in Free Resources Last updated: January 31, Solution 1.