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However, there are dangers to using this setting and I want to make sure they are clear before you go enabling it. As you can see, the total amount has rounded up by 2 cents.

Excel’s set precision as displayed option | Diving into the Details

I am curious to know how many other people have run into this issue — Have you used this setting? Posted in Excel , Technology Tags: Excel , Tip , Trick. Is it possible to set "Precision as displayed", in an individual Worksheet instead of the whole Workbook? I don't think so. I think it is an "all or nothing" sort of thing.

Excel's set precision as displayed option

Here are a few interesting links on the topic: Eliminate dragged out decimals, so variable will add when "0. Your table is not correct in the second one. Yosef B. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Set rounding precision

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Also, I don't want to need to think about whether the cell needs the Round function. Apple decided that there is no need for the "precision as displayed" feature. AppleWorks was made on this basis. Now Numbers is made on this same basis. If you can't live without this feature, we can't help you.

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Users like us are unable to add a function to Numbers. This is why I wrote: If you are numerous to ask for this feature, maybe yes, only maybe we will see it in a future major revision but certainly not in a 1. Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: The fact is these are just really, really basic things that the most basic of spreadsheets need to have that people keep bringing up. Whether someone is a basic spreadsheet user, a student in high school or college, the list just keeps growing as to basic things numbers won't do that these users need. This forum is just full of these basics that are missing.

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Again, I will tell Apple, but the we're different answer is a cop out. I am not knocking the gentleman from France- he has been most helpful to me in other posts and so please do not take my comments the wrong way. I guess I keep hoping I can find a way to use numbers instead of excel, but everytime I turn around I find another really basic thing it cannot do. In this old beast, there is no "Precision as Displayed" feature and I was able to use huge spreadsheets without it.

You may ask for it thru the official path but from my point of view it is not a priority feature on the toDo list. I did report it yesterday to Apple as an enhancement request. I am just SO close to moving fully to iWork I struggled to get used to how to use pages and have worked with it since the new version came "re-educating" myself, and, finally, yesterday, decided, on balance, it was going to replace Word, until I found the issue noted here.