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Unable to type braces and square braces in emacs Ask Question. Jonas What you call "square braces" are usually refered to as "brackets".

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Not that it matters, but its a bit shorter to type. Watch out: Unfortunately not one of the answers solved a similar issue on my german keyboard. I don't get any brackets or curly braces at all. It even works with svorak A5, if you use it: Are you sure you're on a mac? It could be your other settings that screws something up.

I just tryed "emacs -Q and then paste the above into scratch , eval with M-x eval-buffer". But the curly bracets dont work. You could also try: The setq mac-right-option-modifier nil is what totally saved me! Now I can have my left alt as meta and my right alt as curly brackets source.

Thank you! Works for me, too. Actually, didn't need the first line. I didn't need the first line either.

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To ensure that Emacs responds to keystrokes in the same way as other OS X apps, try the following: Mark Mark However it may not work for swedish, no swedish keyboard option. Using Aquamacs: The braces and the brackets work as with the standard Mac keyboard. Francesco Francesco 11 1. Julo Ratumo Julo Ratumo 1.

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Flashplay by click: The middle mousebutton where available opens a link in a new tab default-behaviour. I assigned cmd-shift click to the middle button which opens the link in a new background tab. To enable Pipelining-Support useful for broadband connections type about: Add a keyword to the bookmark and now can you search by entering the keyword and the searchword s into the url-bar and hitting return.

Great feature, with one small bug - it doesn't support international characters. To solve this the javascript-function mentioned above does the trick. For example use the following keyword-location for google:. The default keyboard set is very annoying as it doesn't work good with german keyboards. Commands taken from: There are a few keyboard shortcuts in Eudora, which should be added and changed as well to enhance productivity.

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Doing this is only good until you reboot your Mac then it defaults back to Here's my solution. Log in as root and launch the terminal. I used pico but vi and emacs will work, too. Add a line and enter ifconfig en1 mtu for airport or ifconfig en0 mtu for ethernet.

This needs to be done on ALL computers connected to the internet and sending email using Verizon. Restart your computer and you should now automatically be setup with an MTU of and emails should send correctly.