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OmniGraffle is offered in two versions, both are available for immediate download on the Mac App Store:. Check out the 5 star ratings and reviews on both the Mac App Store and Amazon. Speaking of Amazon, you can buy Omnigraffle 5 Professional from Amazon and sometimes get a discount from the Mac App Store price, the downside is that you have to wait for the app to ship to you. Enjoy this tip? Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Enter your email address below:. I too use a Mac. Since some of my colleagues use PCs, we ultimately decided to use an online application, specifically LucidChart.

I totally disagree. ConceptDraw Pro by Odessa is a superior diagramming that actually keeps connections between points when you are dragging around symbols for example.

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It has extensive shape libraries, connector types and more. It also opens Visio XML files. Lucid charts http: It rocks! This is a good idea, I encountered the same problem!

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Your article is very useful for me, helped me find another way, I like your blog, I will visit and read! Thank you very much. I like the appearance of the diagrams Conceptdraw produces and this is an important consideration for me. Omnigraffle does not support diagrams with swimlanes and therefore it is not a viable alternative to Visio.

Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. OmniGraffle is offered in two versions, both are available for immediate download on the Mac App Store: Enter your email address below: Posted by: April 25, at JamieH says: April 27, at 6: Jack Frost says: April 28, at 5: Bill says: OmniGraffle 5 is no longer in development, as OmniGraffle 6 was released in September, Aaron, I have the exact same problem as mmussie, just upgraded to High Sierra and OG no longer loads.

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What is the next step to upgrade? A discount code would be nice, this is an unexpected hassle with a client waiting. Information about how to upgrade at a discount is available on our site here: Buying an upgrade for OmniGraffle 7 for Mac. If you have any other questions about the upgrade, or need assistance with the upgrade process, our sales team would be happy to assist!

You can get in touch by emailing sales omnigroup. I have both Omnigraffle 5 installed and Omnigraffle 7 installed today on the same folder. I chose the old version for the discount verification however, the system does not recognised it as the old version… what else can i do? As mentioned above, for assistance with any issues encountered during the upgrade process, please contact us at sales omnigroup.


I bought Omnigraffle. I expect to be able to use omnigraffle on my computer. OS upgrades are not some opportunity for Omnigroup to force new purchase upgrades. You genuinely expect to be able to use the same version on any future OS upgrade? You bought a piece of software 5 years ago for an operating system that gets a major update very year and you expect perpetual free updates?

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You could make this point to him directly. I do know the feeling — I bought my son some socks in , when he was a baby, and do you know they no longer fit him? I kept the receipt, and have written to demand a free replacement that fits him now size 11 , but for some reason have yet to receive a reply. Quite incredible … What kind of a business model is that? There is a bit of a problem when one has to deal with people who think that consumables such as socks are comparable or analogous to:.

Which is basic fraud. But those who are thus enslaved, are used to it, and they are surprised that others who do not accept fraud will not buy what they happily buy, that other are not enslaved. So the simple fact is, machines, good machines, and even small personal versions of good machines, have enjoyed a certain forward and backward compatibility.

We did put men on the moon in , we have come a long way, and we have an established way of doing things. Expectations - if not guaranteed performance - are set. And they love it. During Steve Jobs tenure, Apple was clearly a serious computer, conforming to the big game Unix market and expectations. Backward compatibility was guaranteed. With a schizophrenic at the helm, Apple has fallen into step with the image-oriented folks.

Various Apple software is down-graded, just to please millennials who cant handle the full kit of features , or to constrain it to what can run on a tablet or smart phone. In that slippery slide into suicide, Apple have given up their promise of backward compatibility: First, the life span of decent software is much longer: But no longer, Apple are now in the MicroShifty category. Note, newbie Apple customers mostly moving from iPhone and iPads to Macs would not have that problem, everything looks fantastic, image-wise. After five visits to the shiny, gleamy AppleStore, incrementally going backwards, I finally settled on Yosemite And I had to revert to iWork '09, in order to retain the features and functions that Apple removed from the newer releases.

The best Visio alternative for Mac is OmniGraffle

That is now nine years old , but it works, almost perfectly. Apple newbies, who do not know what the have lost a three- or five-year memory have no idea that their shiny new app is a shadow of the older version of the same app. It is called backward compatibility from the Apple standpoint and forward compatibility from the app supplier standpoint. Both parties have to implement a high degree of Standards.

The user? They have no control over it. If you really want pricing that factors in an unlimited or even human lifespan stream of future unpaid services, then you will need to prepare for:.

Application developers are since OSX You clearly disagree. But it is not sufficient to simply say, this is the way it is, and GraffleGuru and one Anon disagree. The whole point of my post is to provide a context, history and geography, and in that context, it is not simply, this is the way it is. It is, this is the way it was, for decades, that is quite different from, this is the way it is.