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They have great products but the wording is Uber confusing and is written in mean Engrish. Could have mentioned close to the links too" - My ass!

Alfa AWUS036H Not Working?

With all due respects, If it does not work, I'll buy you a beer. As demonstrated here: Admin ; , thank you for the fast respond! I'll try it and will be sad for the beer when it works ;. What driver you recommend? CD, Alfa Hompage or the link above? On the Alfa homepage? I think about the Lion upgrade and I have some questions: Does KicMac and Alfa work on Lion too? Ludwig aus Bayern: Anything but Berliner Kindle. Take a deep breath and read [carefully] all the lines: You will save time and efforts.

We've made the mistakes, so learn from us. If you want to repeat our mistakes, don't read.

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All your questions are already here, or there. Thanks for this! Thanks for the help. But I have some questions and hope that u could help me answer them: So, could you give me a firm guarantees that it runs on BackTrack5 R2 perfectly?

Guide: Choosing USB wifi card Alfa Network -

As I read in the forum that it is still not compatible YET n is having lots of problems. Have u tested it out before to hack wifi password eg, WPA2 and prove that it works? Which is more suitable for me? Any other model to introduce? How durable is it? Will I have the power? If in condo, how many storeys can it reach with power? It seems that SK has longer range n power? Which is better? Rain will affect distance. How humid is the atmosphere where you are? Things to Google: I am trying to connect to a university network setup with WPA2-Enterprise security.

I am running OS X Help would be appreciated. So there doesn't seem to be away to connect to networks requiring The sole "way" to bypass the issue is explained here: Any idea on how to get this Alfa one in Brazi? Could only find this fake one, the guy says it's a replica: Sorry for the very late reply. I cannot NOT vouch for anything: The Alfa is one of the most copied card, and you'll find knock-off everywhere. The issue is that, often, the knock-off have a completely different chipset.

The catch is that the vendor will ask for you to return the card, and as the re-shipping cost are quite high, you'll drop the ball. Good luck re-shipping to China. Buy at your own risk. In short, you can use this card with I already use Mountain Lion. Could you tell me an alternative "excellent" card that works with Mountain Lion?

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Does the Alfa NHR works with kissmac? I don't see any networks on the network window of kissmac. I am thinking of buying it! The title of the post is: I want to use something like this to access Wifi networks when I am in hospital for days. However, I am of course worried about the safety of using such a high gain antenna in this environment.

I thought that maybe if I get an antenna that is not omnidirectional like this one http: Is that right? Well, your question is very simplicated First, a flat panel is a directional antenna, hence need to be aimed to the source. Second, Even if your antenna is directional, the AP source may not be. Third, The signal from the client you will not be "absorbed" by the AP and disappear, It will bounce back everywhere.

Do you intent to get a signal outside the hospital, or get a signal within? I don't think you'll fry anything, I am more concerned with interferences. You'll often find WIFI in specific area, but not all. If WIFI is allowed, an omnidirectional will be fine. Otherwise, it's cable.

Just to be sure, I would call the hospital and inquire before. Good luck. I intend to get a signal outside the hospital. So what I expected to achieve with a unidirectional antenna was to reduce the amount of signal directed inside the hospital. This is a flat panel, Not a dish or "narrow beam" type. The Signal, even if "Directional" is not a "laser beam". You will also have a part of the signal reflected. RF propagation is very tricky, and in your case Hospital I would highly suggest you to call in advance and ask.

I am sorry for the evasive answer, but I am not willing to put your life, or the life of others at risk with a guesstimate.


Which is the best and strongest for KisMac under Mountain Lion on Thanks a lot! Hi, good news and bad news: You are stuck in the middle: Thanks for this great post! If you know one, I'll buy a beer. Hi, I bought, received, and tested this bundle. It's the same as the US bundle that you linked, with the 9dBi antenna, window mount, suction cup. I can reach networks from the next town over! It was tested on Mac OS X. Hamza, 1 I am not sure what's not clear here. The amount of spam you are going to receive should prove that you. It's hardware, not software. WI-FI is basically a good 'ol 2 way radio: Try to listen to multiple FM stations at the same time with your car radio and let me know how it works Me, myself and I, was able to pull a 15km range with an Alfa.

Not bad Well, you'll have to ask Geoffrey Kruze. LOL i did indeed find load balance routers that work on wifi signals though.. LOL who is geoffrey? Curt, you appear very confused about what does what.. Fact 1 If you have 2 glasses of water at 50 degrees, mixing the water together does not bring the temperature to degrees. Fact 2 Being able to scream very loud doesn't mean that you can speak very fast. Mbps Fact 3 Being able to scream very loud does not mean that you can hear very well either. Output Vs. Do you own a large business or have more than laptops? Do you need more?

What you are looking for is a "Multiple WAN Router" and that will be the best way for you to throw money out the window and buy something that you really don't need. Your iMac has presently ONE wlan. AKA "Airport" What you appear to try to do, is simply to get a better connection Here is 2 simple solutions: This solution is preferred as you have a desktop computer. Yes sorry, am a bit confused here Clearwire new york Are you on 2.

The only channels that do not overlap are 1,6,11 2.

[Question]About ALFA NETWORK AWUS036H Wireless USB Card

Because everybody uses them, they are the most congested. If you are in a very dense WIFI area, then noise will always be an issue. On the top of that, the further away from the source, the lower the signal and the higher the noise. You do as you want, but apparently, your issue seems to be a low signal.

Try the following, get an Alfa NHR, and give it a try. If not working for you, you can always return it amazon I have placed the link on the last line of the post. Did you mention that to the poor soul time warner? Next time, please also mention that you bridge a base station via an express, all of that, mind you, via Ethernet. Next question s will be answered on a fee based service, you'll then have the privilege to use it wisely or not. Thanks so Much so far! I would like to purchase an Alpha card both compatible with OSX I read the benchmark, that's an impressive test.

I am not sure if you did them. That's going to be a long response, with multiple parameters. Sorry, I read too fast and only saw the "NH", I'll correct that. I have never tried the NH, hence I don't know. The NH is been phased out and a NH should be arriving in Thanks for the additional info, and for your tests. Interesting and fun! My last concert is the quality of the 36NHR compared to the H. I read on Amazon's 36NHR page very good and very bad reviews. Some say that the 36NHR is worse than the H, others say it's as good if not better.

Do you have experience on this? I find the NHR not as sensitive as the H, but accordingly to the spec, it's the reverse. As for the Amazon reviews, or others, I always take them with a grain of salt: You have the "enlightened" and the "not so much": Multiple parameters will influence the quality, and often, the general population does not know about them.

Rare are the the reviews or benchmark that are giving numbers besides the 2bar or 4bar signal. With my NHR, I can get a working signal from house to house, trough multiple walls, fairly close to the ground, and I can't complain about it. Let me know how it works for you. Has anyone had any luck testing this with KisMAC for passive scanning and packet injection? Thanks for the info here, it's saved me several wrong purchases. I have the same question s , essentially: The above post mention the in dev, not on the market yet NH, which has a double chipset, and that has not been tested yet Hi I'm using Mac OS Hi, I have been trying to trouble-shoot for 2 weeks unsuccessfully.

I hope you can clear up my confusion. I have un-installed the Realtek drivers and installed Kismac 0. The device does not seem to be working: OSX This does not solve the problem. Thank you for any help you can offer! Matt, Let's go with the easy first As I said, that was the easy part, here comes the real troubleshooting You are a genius.

It was the driver selection in Kismac Preferences that was the problem. I did not know to go in there and change those settings. Now, I am new to all this so please excuse my ignorance. My next problem seems like it should be the simplest thing in the world, however I am finding myself not able to actually connect to a network.

I have selected my home wifi signal for which I have the password and I cannot see any button or option to actually connect to the internet via this network. Am I misunderstanding something? Is Kismac used just for cracking passwords and then I need to connect to that connection afterwards through Airport? Or is there just something I've missed?

Thanks, I have done as you said. The Ultimate WiFi Stumbler http: Once my password is cracked, can I connect to the internet via kismac? If not, how do I connect to the internet with my Alfa device? You wouldn't connect to the internet via kisamc, you would connect to the internet the same way you normally would. Though depending on your OS version you might not find compatible drivers and will need to use a virtual machine to connect then either browse from there or share the VM's internet connection. A little backwards but it works. Ah hah, I see. Well that makes a lot of sense. Is there any other way to go about connecting to the internet besides running Windows or Linux through a virtual machine?

I'd really prefer not to do that every time I need to use the internet, which is basically any time i'm on the computer. Kali App is not compatible with OSX Realtek is NOT comaptible with Looks like I'll have to go the Virtual Machine route, because an additional usb drive is not practical for my use. I appreciate the tip though. I did some searching for this answer but was unsuccessful Can you recommend a VM tutorial that will teach me how to do this? What prevents you from doing so? Matt, Seriously If you read the comments on that page, months later someone asks "are you planning to support it No Kali App is not If you have any further advice, I'd be happy to hear it.

If not, you have answered a lot of my questions on this and been extremely helpful. I appreciate your time and thank you very much! Unless Realtek Semiconductor Corp decide to re-write their drivers entirely. See Chipset. In less than 10 min, while drinking a coffee. Hey admin, I see that the post is from I'd like to know if there is any upgrade of this product that supports Or sign in with one of these services Sign in with Facebook. Sign in with Twitter. Recommended Posts. Posted November 28, I will try this with the installer usb.

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Rebuilding cache cannot harm! Posted November 30, Posted December 1, Posted December 4, Posted December 5, ID del producto: Posted December 6, Perhaps de kext for your wifi isn't charged! You have to disable or configure SIP.

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  • Posted December 8, But let me ask you something, do you know if it's possible to change or spoof the mac address? Posted December 13, Posted December 17, Posted December 18, Posted December 20, I used this kext with my Tp-link wnn and it worked, but still have 2 problem: Posted December 22, El Capitan USB: Disabled SIP: Any ideas? Thanks so much in advance!! Posted December 23, Wireless Network Utility 3.

    How to get USB WIFI working on Mac OS X

    Icon app in the status bar and a separate utility to delete old files. Universal driver for Mac OS X Posted December 30, What kind of problem make you unable to remove the program with success? After our trial and test, the. Peux tu nous donner ta version du driver et de l'utility que tu as. Scanner driver, 1. It was checked for. Wireless adapter not working - posted in Windows 7: EP-AC Driver. Support driver for Windows 98se, Me,. Alfa Network Inc. When CommView for WiFi is not running, your adapter will be able to.

    Before running our test utility, make sure that you use the latest driver supplied by your. Alfa don't have a Windows 10 driver, so I downloaded the driver f.. Driver Drivers windows I would have thpought that the Alfa installed a software driver on your pc, Star added. Quote saved. View saved quotes Close. Login to quote this blog Login Close. Failed to save quote.